04.12 2021 Blog from Keith

It is now 17.30 boat time( equal to GMT). This past week has seen so much varied activity from 50knot winds to more 2 gentle winds of between 15-25 knots. This has meant a good amount of activity for us all when needed to put in reefs & shake them out as necessary. It has been a very good refresher course for me since my down wind sailing on Cape Town Clipper on 2002/2003 RTW Race.
Last night we again had Saturday Night at the Movies but since I am the only Brit on board I was happy to watch it dubbed in Germany with Cary Grant & Tony Curtis in the lead roles in Operation Petticot. Where possible I am trying to learn a little German so I can at least mention a few words to my eldest 13 year old Ganddaughter , Ophelia, who is studying it at school. This afternoon we caught our 3rd Maui Maui which we will have for supper & thanks to Tanja & Thomas I know will be delicious.As I mentioned in my previous blog the dinners on board have been first class, especialy given the sea state & galley conditions in heavy weather.

Tomorrow it is the 6th December so we will celebrate St Nicolas Day with a delicious special breakfast that we have had on previous Sundays. We will also celebrate that by tomorrow morning we should only have approx 590 miles to St Lucia ( I hope I am right in my estimate as we currently show 674 remaining!).On Wednesday 1st December we celebrated in the evening with 1 beer that we had passed the have way mark ! Since then we have mad really good progress too & we all look forward to a very good run ashore on arrival in St Lucia.
Yet again my thanks to all my super Austrian crew – you are all such good company 6 very good sailors too !