of Keith Steed From 21st November to 26th November on SY Arienne.

So,here is my blog and thoughts of my first 6 days on board Sailing Yacht Adrienne which is a Gibsea 51ft boat with Skipper Thomas and mate Tanja. My crewmates are dear past sailors and friends – Alfred, Christian,plus Robert, Freddie,and Herman. They are all from the wonderful city of Vienna or close by!

Our Rally began at 13.00 hrs on Sunday21st November with the starting gun at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria which brought back so many memories of my Clipper Round The World Race in 2002/2003. As in the past it took me the first 3 days to adjust to life on the high seas and our watch system on our crossing to St Lucia ! I often get a headache in these first 3 days due mainly to de- hydration so I am now trying to drink more water/wasser !

The watch system is rotating and working well for myself and Alfred who I have shared many watches with before. Thomas & Tanja are always the mother watch during the day- begining at 08.00 through to 23.00hrs. Their evening meals have, thus far, been brilliant & for the last two nights we have eaten delicious raw Maui Maui – that we caught , including lovely succhi last night !

On our second day the was little or no wind to sail by so we motored for approx 28 hours. My cabin , which I share with Freddie, is on the port side,aft so alongside the engine . This means that ear plugs & ipod is used when necessary ! Our shower days are Tuesdays & Saturdays but last night-Thursday- we all had the treat of an extra shower as the engine was on for much of the day again so there was plenty of hot water.

We have now picked up favourable trade winds & originally our sails were set in a butterfly pattern but today we are close hauled on a starboard tack making 6/7 knots on our course to St Lucia of 260 degrees magnetic. At 05.30 yesterday morning on our watch the wind increased to 20-25knots so we put in number 1 reef to both the Main/ Gross & Genoa/GE sails.We maintained a very good boat speed & covered 26NM in our 3 hour watch !

I have enjoyed the lessons from Thomas on navigation & use of the sexton ! I hope I can remember some of what I have been shown ! Today I helmed from 11.10 hours to 13.00 hours , steering a course of 260 degrees. I really enjoyed this & thank you Thomas & Tanja for your advice, guidance & help in getting to know the feel & ways of dear Adrienne ! This again brought back many happy memories of my Clipper Race in 2002/2003. As the saying goes – you never stop learning . None more so than with all the Austrian super crew!
Thank You- Danke !! Keith